BPO Services


At IJ Connects, we are focused on providing the best Business Process Outsourcing solutions to our clients; we follow a robustly defined framework to manage the complete BPO process migration and transition. This proven service transfer platform is designed to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent migration risks.

The model includes a tried and tested process to support transition management by ensuring that there is a documented methodology with formats, tools, and guidelines in place to aid the transition team in de-risking the transition of a customer’s processes and reducing the pain of migration as much as possible. A coordinated project management system captures critical client documentation and incorporates an extensive knowledge base that assists the transition management team in understanding, duplicating, and migrating mission-critical business processes.
Some core BPO services offered by IJ Connects are:

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We offer the following services:


1467299480_checkOnline Data Entry

1467299480_check Offline Data Entry

1467299480_check Image Entry

1467299480_check Book Entry

1467299480_check Card Entry

1467299480_check Hand written Entry

1467299480_check Legal Document Entry

1467299480_check Insurance Claim Entry

1467299480_check Online Data Entry of E-Books

1467299480_check Online Data Entry and compilation