IT Security Services


Information Technology has played a key role and has resulted in diminishing the distances, every organization nowadays is IT enabled and is engaged in business with 100% reliance on IT services and infrastructures, however there are threats as well posed to these IT infrastructures.

Organizations across the globe invest heavily on adopting to traditional information security approaches resources and tools, even then there security at times fails to rise up to the mark. Every organization occasionally may discover its inability and lack to deal with growing cyber threats.

This is where IJ Connects plays its role in helping organizations address their growing IT security requirements and securely and efficiently grip on to Information Technology to chase business opportunities. We offer and deliver the trust you need to safely communicate and share data and infrastructure with the outer world.

Partnering with IJ Connects allows your business the leverage to grow and meet market requirements through efficient, intelligent, secure and agile IT infrastructures. We help you connect your IT infrastructure security to your business goals, deriving competitive advantage and high performance from your business.

IJ Connects mitigates your risk, and lengthens your capabilities. This reinforces your IT security stance to minimize incidence impact and control costs while expanding insight for better decisions.

We offer a wide range of managed IT security services, we are not in the business of just selling security products; we are in the business of providing IT security services, which is evident by our exceptional after sale and deployment services that we provide.

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Sophos Cyberoam

Cyberoam next generation network security appliances offer comprehensive network security to SOHO, SMBs and Enterprise, centralized security management …

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Sophos Showcase

Sophos Enduser Protection is an integrated system that secures the devices, infrastructure, apps, and data that your people touch. Users are more productive and secure, and IT can focus on managing the system, not the integration.