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As industry pioneers, IJ Connects has developed many of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped today’s residential and commercial security systems. We made all the systems easier to install and developed the industry’s most reliable supervised wireless products on the market. We are also on the forefront of advancements in long range. We work towards a customized surveillance solution that gives the best coverage at the competitive price.

  • Client : James Moran
  • Category : Dahua Solutions
  • Date : 22 October 19
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  • Location : New York

Product Portfolio

Dahua CCTV

iS a leading and Solution prCNider in the video industry and Out CCTV irwtdllerS Often use their Their CCTV and IP equipment covers the whole of CCTV security with high functionality at affordable prices businesses and consumers. innovative CCTV products represent quality and value are used wide* all types of businesses.

Techcube is an supplier and installer of Oahua CCTV products the supplying business customers at tegnpetitive prices. We Offer theil complete range. Dahua CCTV Such as •P. HOCVL P TZ 1080p HD and HD analogue, night vision. moun detection, netwcrk cameras, monitors. video access control, mufti-channel OVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and NVRS Video Recorders). power supplies and accessories. Business and home users take advantage of Dahua•s advanced and high quality CClV camera swve.llance systems we have available to suit a range of security needs and budgets.

We are a my approved accredited installer Of Oahua •P CCTV cameras and systems and we SSAIg accredited. We are certified with a of for installing CCTV systems to SAIS’s quality Our SAIS accreditation means that We Can Offer CCTV monitoting with systems that alert Police in the event Of an incident.

We can design bespoke IP CCW Systems requirements and Spetifltation_ We Offer technical and one-rear warranty for all Oahua and resolve any issues. For mline ana renote support iS free.